Interstellar Literary Review — "first love in livingston, montana" and "i fall down roan mountain, again" (poetry)

Bayou Magazine — "coming home for the census" (poetry; print journal)

Incandescent Review — "Instructions From Maria: Discerning Real Pearls From Plastic"  (prose)

The Lumiere Review — "september in savannah" (poetry)

Zone 3 — "prophet" (poetry; print journal)

The minnesota review  — “enter:light” (poetry; print journal)

The Lumiere Review  — "Slow Winter" (fiction, Best of the Net Nomination)

Poetry Society of England Young Poets Network — “Anime Boyz” (collaborative work)

Ambit Magazine — "First Time Alone in the City" (flash fiction)

Kalopsia Literary Journal — "The One Whose Face You Can't Remember" (fiction, Best of the Net Nomination)

Fish Barrel Review — "past tense pastoral", "gone before the solstice" (poetry)

Mutiny! Magazine — "something — maybe, something else? (poetry)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal — “conversations with la llorona i&iii” (poetry)

The Interlochen Review — “BREADWORLD” (fiction), “i dream of you as buzzard wings and chicken wire" (poetry)

SWWIM Every Day — “there’s no 2nd generation 101” (poetry)

Scholastic Best Teen Writing 2020 — "Wolf Eyes" (fiction; print journal)

YoungArts Winners Anthology 2020 — “We Drink, We Drown” (nonfiction; print journal)


Cargoes. — “2 sides: reclamation & resurrection with my mother” (poetry; print journal)

Inlandia Institute — “Ghost Town” (nonfiction) 

Bluefire Journal — “Astral War Bodies” (fiction)

Barely South Review — “Obituary for Mary” (poetry)

Storyscape Journal— “Sappho in the Ghostlands” (poetry) 

Lunch Ticket — “A Time for Dying” (fiction) 

Atlas and Alice — “I Left the Desert” (fiction)