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Adelina Rose Gowans

Welcome to my site! I am Adelina Rose, an award-winning creative writer and visual artist. 2022 has already proven to be full of exciting opportunities! This year I am a freshman at the Savannah College of Art and Design where I study writing and animation. I am honored to have been named one of two 2022 Storytelling Collective Laureates! I am so pleased to have work appearing in the latest issue of The Incandescent Review. Look for new pieces in Bayou Magazine and Interstellar Literary Review. For a complete listing of my publications and CV, head to my “about me” page. For my writing, narrative design, and visual art portfolios, check out my “writing” and “art portfolio” pages. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

i dream of you as buzzard wings and chicken wire
-as published in the Interlochen Review
-as published in the Interlochen Review

Selected Published Works

there's no 2nd generation 101
-as published in SWIMM Every Day
conversations with la llorona i&iii
-as published in Tinderbox Poetry Journal
"the great thing about dungeons and dragons..."
-as published in the Young Poets Network
september in savannah
-as published in the Lumiere Review
First Time Alone In The City
-as read for AMBIT Magazine
The One Whose Face You Can't Remember
-as published in Kalopsia Literary Journal

All Works Belong to the Artist and May Not Be Used or Copied Without Prior Permission