saturn’s moon aliens are just like us


Dragonfly will launch in 2026 and arrive in 2034.

The rotorcraft will fly to dozens of promising locations

on Titan looking for prebiotic chemical processes

common on both Titan and Earth.

— NASA, June 2019


dragonfly 2 earth: hey, so we think titan’s moon alien

just had a breakup, because we’ve touched down &

that subsurface layer of ammonia-rich liquid water


seems to swell under our feet, like sad boys trying

not 2 cry, eyes all showy & damp. we swear the alien

crawled out of a crater & now is slouching their way


thru shangri-la, plain of dark material named after a mystic

earthly paradise. do aliens hurt like ppl? somebody log that.

dragonfly 2 earth: we saw the alien disappear thru the orange


organonitrogen haze, only to reappear with heart-shaped

chocolates & a record player. saw them sit down in the space-

dust & start to eat w their 8 tooth-heavy mouths, all wide


open like they might b dangerous on their good days. this

job probably sucks. 9to5 40hr weeks sitting inside a sphere

of silence at the edge of the universe merits letting loose


w some ferrero rocher & dolly. where do you buy vinyls

on titan? somebody log that. update: we watched them crawl

back into the moon rock/ice/sad hrs & not to get all emo


but we’re starting 2 get a little misty-eyed ourselves, thought

in 2034 we’d b over ppl crying over other ppl/alien’s problems?

listen: y’all just go on ahead & turn our course back 2 earth.