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Rocket Companies

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The Brief

“Hey internal product strategy team! Rocket’s corporate individual goal-setting methodology doesn’t represent the diversity and culture of the company, and therefore is used by very few team members (7.7% in a recent survey). How might we raise our level of awareness and find a better way to create and track individual goal-setting to better serve our team members and their careers at Rocket?”


Here, we story mapped the user experience of current goal-setting to identify user pain points.

Driving questions for the sprint proposal were based on user pain points and stakeholder concerns.

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5 Days of Discovery

Our game plan: centering and prioritizing the voices of Rocket team members. We aspired to make a goal-setting system that truly reflected the company’s culture. Starting with day one stakeholder and senior leader interviews and data analytics, we identified core pain points within the current system and developed our day-by-day sprint plan to…

  1. Define the user experience

  2. Identify key features

  3. Design a clickable prototype

  4. Perform user testing

Then, we began outlining our measurable goals and timeline on Lucid. We gathered inspiration from a variety of sources to create a holistic, user-centered product design.

Centered in Story

From experience mapping to user interface speed sketching to storyboarding, curiosity and team member empowerment remained at the forefront of our low fidelity ideation. We explored the expansiveness of professional development journeys at Rocket, as well as how to facilitate conversations around goal-setting between team leaders and team members to provide a sense of ownership and understanding around individual goals (iGs).

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5 - Prototype Stills.png


After extensive brainstorming, we began creating high fidelity wireframes in Figma. As our team’s UX writer, I generated copy for the prototype as well as supplementary knowledge article resources to create a robust product ecosystem. We built the prototype in a style that aligns with the current Rocket internal hub (Rockworld) to give stakeholders the opportunity to see our prospective solution in a familiar, readable space.

6 - Prototyping.gif
8 - The Big Picture.png


Our sprint week was a highly successful experience, and provided the time and space to focus on products that usually aren’t at the top of the priorities list. Through our ideation, innovation, and execution, we tied together stakeholder visions and user wants and needs. We facilitated extensive user testing to rave reviews, and even were able to share our findings with the Chief Learning Officer at Rocket Central.

Our week of innovation!


I had an amazing time working alongside my team members to create and evaluate a new internal goal-setting system at Rocket. Through a tight, one week schedule, I was able to flex my content design speed, agility, UX/UI knowledge, and language efficiency to help bring our vision to life. My time as an intern at Rocket was an incredibly enriching opportunity to learn more about internal product strategy and the general processes of fintech, and I’m excited for the possibility of working in more product ecosystems in the future.

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