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Realm Fisher

Play Realm Fisher here!

Realm Fisher is an audiovisual environmentalist adventure developed in HTML in the narrative game design software Twine. 

Realm Fisher is supported by YoungArts

Special thanks to Storytelling Collective.


My role in this project:


  • Organized 15 person team for independent game development project

  • Budgeted development and promotional expenses and team hiring and compensation

  • Applied for and won educational grants

  • Generated pitch decks

  • Created a comprehensive production deliverables timeline for gameplay artists, sound designers, and composers

  • Hired QA testers

  • Wrote and coded game narrative in Twine

  • Created gameplay trailer

  • Kept production on schedule for January 2023 release date

  • Planning promotion and award applications




Adelina Rose Gowans

Narrative Designer: 

Adelina Rose Gowans

Lead Gameplay Artist:

Romeo Knight

Sound Designer: 

Robin Hall


Mahal Perez


Al Disfixdog

Gameplay Art Team: 

Caroline Kirby

Jesse Braak

Trey Deutsch

Adelina Rose Gowans

Concept Team: 

Romeo Knight 

Robin Hall

Rae Moore

Play Testers:

Alex Marwaha

Anna Pullara

Anthony Jacobs

Avery Lou

Dave Gowans

Jasper Fuller

Penflower Ink

Rae Moore

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