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Game Design

I'm super passionate about games as a vehicle for vibrant collaborative emotional and creative experiences! Here is a sample of my projects as well as a PDF of my portfolio. Click on each to learn more!

Realm Fisher is a pick-your-path adventure about a biology student and a young fisherman going on an epic interdimensional journey to bring life to a unique marine ecosystem in their community. This interactive fiction focuses on solarpunk themes of environmentalism and community care.

I worked as the creator, producer, and narrative designer on this wonderful 15 person team! 

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ROAM is a cooperative role-playing game of galactic survival based on the Four Points TTRPG system. This is a lightweight, low tech game about travelers exploring a planetary system hundreds of years after a mysterious apocalypse, attempting to uncover what brought about society’s collapse. 

This 15 page TTRPG features my original narrative design and illustration.


Gather Inn is a free, system-neutral TTRPG anthology reference zine of 12 unique taverns and inns for traveling adventurers in fantasy and sci-fi settings.

I organized this project, gathered the 8 contributing authors, established a publication timeline, and edited the anthology. So excited to have produced this excellent free resource for GMs!


In the undisturbed darkness deep below lay the ancient halls of the once mighty and beloved dwarven King Helmoot Rustymail! Does your party dare venture into the fabled feast hall where the spirits of the past continue to hold sway and treasures and artifacts remain untouched for hundreds of years? Descend into a distant time in this D&D 5E setting neutral adventure.

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I have illustrated two free printable papercraft fantasy miniature sets for TTRPGs: Forest Folk and Local Magic. Forest Folk features a cheerful array of animals ready for an epic journey, and Local Magic features a collection of unique NPC designs. Happy adventuring!


Tensions brew in the forest of Moonwood! The inhabitants of a small elven village known as Moonvines worry for their future as a mysterious organization of bandits threatens the area with forced deforestation and arson. The Journey to Quaervaar is a Dungeons and Dragons 5E adventure that can be used as a standalone resource or expanded into a larger narrative.

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